Qualifiations for leasing are:

a) Good Credit
i) We do not look at the score, we look at each credit report individually. We do not count
medical against them. Collections/outstanding debt over $1000 will be declined
ii) Foreclosures are automatic denial
iii) Repossessions are cause for denial
iv) Balance owed to former rentals is automatic denial

b) Clean Criminal
i) No felonies
ii) No crimes against people
iii) No sex offenders

c) Good Rental Reference
i) No more than 2 lates in a 12 month time
ii) No violations

d) Income must be 3 times the rent
i) Based on Gross Pay
ii) Incomes may be combined but all other qualifications still need to be met

e) Pet Screening is required for EVERYONE
i) No pets-need to be screened
ii) Service Animal-need to be screened